Participating Artist Exhibitors

PhotoFirst NameLast NameDescription
Tracy Anderson
Klaus Anselm Tapestries, woven in wool on cotton warp, reflecting nature and contemporary design.
Troy Argenbright Bold, colorful drawings focusing on botanicals and wildlife
Janice Arone Sculptural and functional stoneware inspired by nature, incorporating wheel throwing and altering techniques.
Paul Aude Bags, journals, and belts made from 100% genuine hand dyed goat leather.
Donald Bailey
Sue and Bill Baldwin
Carol Baney Vintage watch parts and faces refashioned into Steampunk or Victorian style jewelry.
Pam Bartl
Cynthia Battista
William Bell
Veronica & David Bennett One of a kind glass and found object Fossil Bugs, Incarnations, and flat panel sculptures created by a wife-husband team.
Debra Bet
John Bice Capturing the constant dance with the world around us. Fleeting moments to be observed, appreciated, and with any luck, captured through the lense.
Gregg Billman Hand drawn & hand painted using digital tools on a Wacom Cintiq. Printed with archival media & inks.
Susan Bock Hand Tinted Black and White Photographs
Gina Boyle Mixed media mosaics with my handmade sculptural tiles, handmade quotation/word tiles, stained glass, mirror, ceramic, bone china, found objects and more.
Thomas Bradshaw Oil paintings, created outdoors with an emphasis on traditional impressionism.
Jennifer Brower Wirework and chainmaille jewelry, using argentium sterling silver and fine silver.
Dick Brown
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