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Participating Artist Exhibitors

PhotoFirst NameLast NameDescriptionWebsite, Blog or Social Media Link
Judy Abdelaziz Whimsical pottery for entertaining and home decor.
Joel Anderson Hand-printed photographs.
Gloria Armentrout Custom and one-of-a-kind handbags, made with memorabilia. [www.Facebook/GloriousBags0(http://www.Facebook/GloriousBags)
Janice Arone My pottery is functional for the table and serving, as well as Sculptural!
Deborah and Paul Bahm Turned birdhouses, bowls & ornaments
Donald Bailey Wooden flower vases, boxes & mirrrors made of domestic and imported hardwoods.
Sue and Bill Baldwin Handcrafted leather belts and wearable masks and handmade belt buckles.
Tori Banton Handthrown, hand decorated, functional pottery
Mary Barnes Handwoven scarves, shawls, and wraps in natural fibers with glorious colors.
Pam Bartl Handwoven elegant, well-tailored garments and accessories
William Bell Specializing in photography of the Blue Ridge Mountains printed on canvas.
Debra Bet Vintage or nature inspired jewelry with attention to feminine details.
Barb Boatman Innovative 2D creations of machine quilted aluminum cans woven with fabric or paper.
Mary Ann Bowden My quilts incorporate the old with the new, makinguse of time-honored patterns and bright, contemporary fabrics.
Dick Brown Photography of the Amish community/
Elaine Butcher Exceptionally designed jewelry that can be used every day.
Terri Cadman Complicated joinery, hand shaping and hand sanding to reflect the beauty that inspires us.
James Chamberlain One of a kind Hand wrought solid brass items such as candle holders and canons.
Trista Chapman I use bright colors and abstract designs to give my work energy and movement, I am often told by my customers that my work makes them happy.
Cam Chapman Fine art photographic portraits of East Coast Lighthouses.