Fall Craft Demonstrations

Most of the Exhibitors at the Crozet Fall Arts and Crafts Festival will happily tell you about how they create their unique fine art and craft works – that is one of the big benefits of meeting and purchasing directly from the Artist! – and a few even bring their studios along to the show! Be sure to stop by these demonstration booths to get a first-hand look at how the craft is done.



William Mauser of Battery Creek Forge will bring his forge setup to the Crozet Fall Arts and Crafts Festival to demonstrate the art of bending and twisting red-hot iron into useful and decorative items. Mauser creates wrought-iron chandeliers, drawer pulls, bottle openers, candelabras, furniture, and so much more – large and small, decorative and utilitarian.

Blacksmithing is an art form dating back to the Iron Age, though it took roughly three thousand years for understanding of metallurgy to advance from the first discoveries of certain types of rock melting in red hot coals to the point of forming simple tools such as arrow heads and spears. Over many thousands of years the role of the blacksmith evolved and specialties emerged – among other, Armorers hammered breastplates and helmets for warriors, Bladesmiths perfected the art of the balanced sword and the straight-flying spear, Farriers fit and formed shoes for horses, and Locksmiths learned the intricacies of forming impregnable locks and keys. In many areas, especially in Colonial America, the Village Smithy was the one to see for any of these needs and plenty more besides (ploughshares, wagon wheels, door hinges, nails…) – making the Blacksmith an integral and important part of the community.


Meg West, Crozet plein-aire painter, will demonstrate landscape painting in booth 409 in the Festival Tent. Meg West paints as a localist, focusing her painting in Albemarle and surrounding Counties, as well as Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway. Meg paints every day and enjoys the rhythm and momentum that comes with a steady flow of painting. The act of painting is what is important – enjoying the feeling of being connected to the environment, herself and the painting.

Artisans Center of Virginia / Virginia Artisan Trail

Artists from the Artisans Center of Virginia will share demonstrations in the Artisan Center booth in Pavilion C. Stop by to see a sun catcher demo by artists from the Blue Ridge Children’s Museum, painting demos by Marti Reed and Ellen Kell, and a pottery demonstration by Elizabeth Herlevsen of Red Mud Hen pottery.

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