Spring Craft Demonstrations

raku pottery firing demo at the crozet arts and crafts festivalRaku Pottery Firing

“Influenced by our Middle Eastern background, we bring a passion for traditional forms to our pottery works. Every piece, whether it be slab or hand-thrown, is uniquely designed at our in-home studio.  Each work is intricately glazed, many of the objects being raku-fired for a deeper spectrum of color and texture.”

– Bashar and Roula Jarjour, Jarjour Pottery

Raku is a pottery technique originating in 16th century Japan, possibly from the work of Korean potters. While traditional raku includes a philosophical aspect of cultural significance, in the West the technique is known mostly for the fast, dramatic firing process. Witness the red-hot pottery emerging from the glowing kiln first-hand at the Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival, as Bashar and Roula Jarjour demonstrate their raku pottery firing techniques as one of our demonstrating Artisans.

Tony DeMasi - Turnings by Tony - demonstrating artist at the Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts FestivalWoodturning

“As a wood turner, all of my works are created by means of a wood lathe. The lathe simply spins the wood and the rest is up to me. All of the wood I use comes from standing dead trees, storm damaged trees, lumber mill yards, and occasionally from a tree being taken down by a homeowner or municipality. I find a certain calmness about wood turning. The act of creating art from a piece of a tree is very fascinating. And though my artwork is not completed quickly, I can envision what my final result will be in a fairly short amount of time.

– Tony DeMasi, Turnings by Tony

Woodturner Tony DeMasi is bringing his lathe to the Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival! Watch as he creates functional and decorative pieces from raw wood, using the lathe and his assortment of hand tools. And see the Artist’s finished pieces for sale in his booth, with a new appreciation for the time and effort each piece represents.

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