The Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival: Making Memories While You Shop

April 7, 2015


Tuesday, April 7, 2015
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Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival
Amanda Polson, Festival Director


When is a vase not only a vase? When you buy it at the Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival!


Shopping is a national pastime. We do it because we must – restocking groceries, keeping the kids clothed. We do it for fun – finding the perfect gift for a loved one, picking up a deal on that fantastic dress. But how often are we able to make a personal connection while making our purchases? How often does a glance at that purchase bring memories of meeting the incredible, talented and hardworking Artist who created it?

Art and craftwork are easily accessible these days, with online art shops proliferating, home printer quality increasing, and “wall art” available at any homegoods store. But with this increased access comes a certain anonymity – the pieces may be beautiful but what do they mean to you? What do they say about you? What memories do they bring to your mind? While rooms copied from a catalog may be beautiful, a certain sterile feeling pervades a space when the owners have no emotional attachment to their surroundings.

The Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival is the antidote to catalog decorating. At this juried show, not only will you find incredible handcrafted work, you will meet the Artist or Artisan who created the piece. Ask questions, have a conversation, make a connection! The Artist Exhibitors who come to exhibit at Claudius Crozet Park bring years of experience and ingenuity to their chosen artistic medium. Many have been Exhibiting at Arts Festivals around the country for decades, for others this is their first foray into the Art and Craft show world. Some have backgrounds in different professions, and a fascinating story of artistic and personal discovery that led them to the booth where they now sit and chat with you.

The photography, pottery, and paintings you take home from the Festival come with a story attached – from the photographer who built a relationship with an Amish community, the potter who makes bespoke urns for beloved pets, the painter who travels to Italy for inspiration… And the stories are layered with memories of meeting these fascinating individuals, of examining the variety of their work to find a piece that speaks to you, and of a beautiful day spent in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When you choose from your jewelry box the pair of earrings you purchased from a Festival jeweler, you will think for a moment about the person whose hands formed the metal and set the stones. This is a shopping opportunity like no other.

Learn more about the Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival and preview the participating Artist Exhibitors online at

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