Attendance is Required: With the exception of reasonable breaks, Exhibitors are required to be present during the entire Festival and must personally staff their exhibit space (volunteer booth-sitters will be present as available). No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend in place of the Artist. Exhibitors who sell their entire body of work must remain with their booths for the duration of the festival. Event is rain or shine, no early departures permitted. Exhibitors who break down displays or depart before closing time on any day of the festival will not be allowed to return the following day or to future shows unless proof of an emergency is presented.

Booth Spaces: Booth spaces are located under a pole barn, under a century high-peak pole tent provided by the Festival, or outdoors with all protection provided by the Artist. Each Exhibitor will be provided a space measuring approximately 10×10, 15×10, or 20×10 feet. Please note: the large Festival Tents have poles located throughout that may cut into your booth space corner by a couple inches – they are necessary to keep the roof up!

The Pavilions and the large Festival Tent do NOT have side-walls. Exhibitors, particularly those with booths along the outer sides of the structures, are encouraged to bring additional protection in case of inclement weather. Clean black or white tarps or other booth sides may be roped, bungeed, or zip-tied to the tent structure. NO adhesive, staples, or other destructive attachment is permitted: damage to the tents due to Exhibitor mis-use will be resolved through direct interaction with the tent company.

Booth assignments are at the sole discretion of the festival and are not interchangeable. Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival will attempt to honor specific location requests, but can make no guarantees. Corner spaces may be requested, but are assigned solely on the basis of availability and at the discretion of the Festival. Corner spaces and booths located in the Pole Barns incur an additional fee.

Displays: Crozet Arts & Crafts provides all large exhibit tents and structures. Artists are responsible for providing all booth structures, racks, tables, chairs, display units, and other fixtures suitable for outdoor use and constructed to withstand crowds and wind. Exhibitors may use their own tent frames to build walls and may wish to use tent tops and sides for extra protection from the elements (including condensation from the top of the large Festival Tents). Artists are responsible for ensuring that structures are properly secured especially in the case of rain or wind. All structures must be secured by the use of substantial weights. Stakes are allowed in the Festival Tent and on the Festival Field as long as they do not damage the field or leave lasting holes.

Artists are responsible for proper insurance and protection of work and structures. The Festival is not responsible for damage to work or structures due to weather or unrelated incidents. Each artist is responsible for his/her own display in case of damage or loss. Artists will be held liable for any damage made by their tents or structures.

All artwork must be set up within the booth space. No art is to be displayed outside the allotted booth space. All aisles must remain free and clear: booth items, furniture, etc. extending into the aisles will be removed. Exhibitors on perimeter locations may not expand sellable wares beyond the tent sides. Neat and organized placement of stock, packaging, etc. outside the tent will be permitted.

Electricity: 300 watts of electricity per 10×10 space is provided to all Festival Tent and Pavilion Exhibitors at no extra charge. Two outlets will be allocated per 10×10 booth space. Electrical use will be inspected by the Albemarle County Fire Marshall prior to the show opening. Common household extension cords, relaying multi-outlet converter cords, and tangled cords snaking through the booth are not acceptable and may be subject to removal. Exhibitors must politely adhere to all instruction from the Fire Marshall regarding electrical set up. See Booth Information page for best practices information regarding electrical set up and usage.

Demonstrations: Any Exhibitor may – and is encouraged to! – demonstrate their craft in their booth space during the Festival (with the exception of demonstrations involving fire safety violations or other hazards). Featured Demonstrations must be arranged with the Festival Director and may be eligible for reduced booth fees.

Check-In and Unloading: Check-in is 10am-6pm the Friday of the Festival weekend and 7:30-8am on Saturday. Exhibitors may arrive at any point during this time and must check-in and receive information and a parking pass prior to unloading and setting up. All booths must be set up and ready by 8:30am on Saturday for the Fire Marshall inspection.

Payments and Fees: The $30 ($45 for paper applications) application fee is due with the Exhibitor application – applications will not be processed until this fee has been cleared. Upon being invited to one or both Festivals, you must send a deposit of $150 to confirm your acceptance to the show/s. This deposit will be applied to your last show of the year: if you are at both shows, the $150 will go towards your fall booth fee; if you are only in the spring show, the deposit will be credited to your spring booth fee. Remaining booth fees will be invoiced. Applications through zapp may pay the application fee via zapplication or send a check. All other fees may be paid via check or money order, or with a credit card through paypal (account is not required). See Payments page for details and Application page for important dates.

Taxes: The Commonwealth of Virginia requires the Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival to provide sales tax forms to all artists and to provide the state with a complete listing of participating Exhibitors. Exhibitors should review the tax information and submit directly to the Department of Taxation.

Advertising: Images from accepted and wait-listed artists may be used for promotional purposes. Credit will be given wherever possible. Learn more about participating in our advertising campaigns!

Smoking and Pets: There is absolutely no smoking at the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festivals. Pets are not permitted. Smoking pets are completely banned.

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